High Voltage Cable Slab/Tiles/Cover – Concrete Type

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33kV and 132 kV High Voltage Cable Slab – Concrete Type

Reinforced concrete cable slab/covers are installed extensively throughout the utility industries providing a warning to site personnel working or excavating in close proximity to electrical cables.

Reinforced concrete cable slab/covers act as a physical barrier against accidental damage to buried low and high voltage cables eliminating costly repairs and jointing.

Concrete cable marker posts identify the exact location of underground utility services, including low (LV) and high (HV) voltage power cables – this includes 600/100 volt, 11kV, 33kV and 132kV cable service identification.

Above marker posts clearly identify the location of underground cables assisting engineers and survey teams.

The reinforced concrete cable slab/covers are impressed “MERBAHAYA LETRIK 33kV” or other equivalent wording – the reinforced concrete cable slab/cover width should exceed the width of the electric cable service over which it is to be placed.

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