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High Voltage Cable Tiles/Protection 

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  • This Medium Voltage Cable Tiles is used in underground 11kv power cable
  • Our slab are able to withstand the impact of the bucket of an excavator.
  • They provide an economical, efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete slab when warning and mechanical protection are required.
  • Our Protection Cable Slab are accepted and used by most Underground Asset owners, example for cable and pipeline owners.
  • The mechanical protection slab can be removed during inspection and repairing of the cables or pipes.
  • The warning slab are fully coloured (colour depending on the utilities company) to provide a very good warning indicator.
  • Special Logo and permanent embossed wording can be customised easily.
  • Delta’s slabs are particularly light. Therefore they are quick and easy to install.
  • Heavy Lifting equipment or skilled workforce are not required for the installation.
  • No Heavy equipment or qualified personnel are required for the installation.
  • A normal worker can easily install half a kilometer of slab in half a day.

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